New Audi A8’s Bang & Olufsen 1,920 watts premium sound system delivers 3D aural experience

The all-new Audi A8 flagship gets a stunningly premium 1,920 watts audio system. The Bang & Olufsen sound system incorporates 23 speakers featuring extremely light neodymium magnets that delivers crystal clear audio quality and keeps the distortions down. This advanced prem9ium sound system has been specially developed for the all-new Audi A8.

Both the Audi and the Bang & Olufsen claims that this sound system is capable of delivering genuine and highest quality possible audio experience. It is able to provide the occupants inside a high-end 3D aural experience because of its digital signal processor. Interestingly, the new Audi A8’s sound system comes with some extremely interesting features apart from delivering superior quality audio listening experience.

When the occupants open the doors of the 2018 Audi A8, they are greeted with an audio jingle played by the sound system automatically. Once the infotainment system is turned on, two tweeters automatically pop out from the instrument panel. These tweeters come with Bang & Olufsen’s in-house Acoustic Lens Technology that distributes the sound to all the corners of the cabin with a horizontal 180 degree fan. The speakers get independent amplifier.


As Audi and Bang& Olufsen claims, the sound system can be customised according to the occupant’s preference. It can be done from the touchscreen infotainment system up front or from the tablet like touchscreen infotainment system for the rear occupants. The rear occupants can fiddle with the subwoofer volume independently to create their desired audio listening atmosphere.

The German premium luxury vehicle manufacturer has already started producing the new Audi A8 at the Neckarsulm facility and deliveries of this flagship sedan is expected to commence from later this year. Initially it will be sold in Audi’s home soil Germany and later the car will reach other global markets.

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