Moto Mods are purpose built accessorized devices compatible with Moto Z smartphones; capable to turn the usual mobile phones into purposeful performers

Now a days, smartphones are more than just mobile phones. It’s not only about making and receiving calls or sms. But one smartphone in your hand is like the world in your hand. Now, there are some purpose built accessories cum devices available for the mobile phone that improves the performance of the phone further. Motorola has launched the Moto Mods for its Z range of smartphones, which are capable to enhance the performance of the phones.

The tech brand currently offers a total of 6 Moto Mods products, which are – JBL SoundBoost Speaker, Moto Insta-Share Projector, Hasselblad True Zoom, Incipio offGRID Power Pack, Incipio Vehicle Dock, Moto Style Shell and Mophie Juice Pack. Currently Motorola is offering the Moto Mods products for the Moto Z range of phones. We hope in future the company launches Moto Mods for other Motorola phones as well.

Moto Mods have been honored with ‘CES 2017 Best of Innovation Award for Wireless Handset Accessories’. Here we will take a look at the Moto Mods, and what they are capable to do.


JBL SoundBoost Speaker

Moto-Mods-JBL-SoundBoost-Speaker.jpgFor the music lovers who use a Moto Z, this could be an ideal accessory or device. This takes the audio experience of the phone to another level. It works with any Moto Z and delivers high quality JBL stereo sound. The accessory can be attached to the back of the phone and it can play the audio instantly, just with a snap on the speaker. So, it needs no pairing with the smartphone.

For convenience the JBL SoundBoost Speaker comes with a built-in kickstand that makes watching video more comfortable. The device comes with a 1000 mAh built-in battery that offers around 10 hours of life when fully charged. So you can listen to the music or watch a movie without using the phone’s battery. Not only multimedia experiences, this device enhances the calling experience as well.

Dimensionally speaking, the JBL SoundBoost Speaker measures 152 mm in length, 73 mm in width and it is 13 mm thick. It weighs 145 grams and sports dual 3 Watt speakers of 27 mm diameter. The device gets USB Type-C for charging.

Price: $79.99


Moto Insta-Share Projector

Moto-Mods-Insta-Share-Projector.jpgThis device is capable to make your Moto Z phone a projector. It is compatible with the entire range of Moto Z phones and to turn the phone into a projector, all you need to do is just attach it to the back of Moto Z and put it on any flat surface. You can instantly make a 70-inch big screen in front of you.

Moto Insta-Share Projector is capable to deliver up to one hour of screen time and it can display from any angle. The ultra-thin projector weighs only 125 grams and dimensionally it measures 153 mm long, 74 mm wide and 11 mm thick. This makes the device very convenient and comfortable for use.

The device projects the video or anything you want to in 854 x 480 WVGA size with 480p resolution, which is decent indeed. The device uses DLP projector technology and the interesting fact is that the lamp of the projector comes with 10,000 hours of life. It is powered by a 1,100 mAh battery that can be charged through the USB Type-C port.

Price: $299.99

Hasselblad True Zoom

Moto-Mods-Hasselblad-True-Zoom.jpgHasselblad True Zoom is a Moto Mods device that can turn your phone into a powerful digital camera. It can capture photo with great detailing with the help of 10x optical zoom feature and that too without losing resolution. The device sports Xenon flash that helps the user in getting a crisp and blur free picture. The ergonomics and design is pretty convenient, comfortable and stylish.

This device can capture the photographs in RAW format ensuring the highest level of image quality and brightness. Being attached with the smartphone gives the user option to instantly share any photograph with family and friends, right after capture. This device measures 152.3 mm in length, 72.9 mm in width and 9.0 mm in thickness. This makes its handling pretty easy.

The Hasselblad True Zoom weighs only 145 gram. The device gets a 12-megapixel camera that can record full HD video in 1080p resolution at 30fps and it has 2 mics incorporated as well. It uses BSI CMOS sensor and has f3.5 – 6.5 apperture. The device uses OIS/EIS image and video stabilization technology. It enables the user to capture image in different modes like – panorama, professional, night landscape, night portrait, sports, day landscape, back light portrait etc.

Price: $299.99

Incipio offGRID Power Pack

Moto-Mods-Incipio-Power-Dock.jpgThe Incipio offGRID Power Pack ensures your Moto Z phone never goes out of battery. This device can provide up to 22 hours of battery life to the Moto Z device and its sleek and trim design helps the user with convenience and comfort. The device comes with a feature called Efficiency Mode, with which the phone gets 20% extra power. In this mode, the device charges the phone in most efficient time to enhance the battery life.

Interestingly, this device is available in designer editions as well, which are designed by Kate Spade New York and TUMI. So your portable power bank no more looks dull. The device is available in two versions, including one compatible with wireless charging. This device measures 152.7 mm in length, 73.5 mm in width and 6.2 mm in thickness. The Incipio offGRID Power Pack weighs only 79 gram, while its wireless charging version weighs 85 gram.

The device holds a 2,220 mAh battery that can provide up to 22 hours of energy. For the wireless charging version you need to buy the wireless charging pod separately. The Incipio offGRID Power Pack’s pricing starts from $59.99.

Price: $59.99

Incipio Vehicle Dock

Moto-Mods-Incipio-vehicle-Dock.jpgThe Incipio Vehicle Dock offers a steady mount pad for your Moto Z phone inside the cabin of your car. The magnetic phone mount ensures that the phone stays in place securely. You can quickly eject the device by using easy release levers. The device is Android Auto compatible and it can be configured to let the phone automatically launch Android Auto once connected to the dock.

It comes with built-in support for up to 15W TurboPower Charging, which means you can easily charge the phone on the move using your car power with help of this dock. The set up of this device is pretty easy. The dock measures 153 mm in length, 74 mm in width and 6.2 mm in thickness. Also this dock weighs 91 gram only.

The dock uses a Type-C USB port for charging and it comes with 3.5 mm jack connectivity as well. It gets vent clip, with which the dock can be mounted to the air vents inside the cabin of the car. This dock comes available at $64.99 only.

Price: $64.99

Moto Style Shell

Moto-Mods-Style-Shells.jpgNow a days, we love to stylize our smartphones with various accessories. One of them is surely the different type of shells and Motorola offers the Moto Style Shell, which is a perfect choice for the Moto Z users, who love to give their phone a more premium and stylish appearance.

Moto Style Shell comes available at $19.99 and it is available in different colours, different materials, textures and fabrics. So, the users get an wide range to choose from according to their own preferences. These shells weigh between 25 gram and 32 gram, depending on the material. Dimensionally, they measure 154 mm in length, 74 mm in width and 2 mm of thickness. With such an array of Moto Style Shell on offer, the user can swap the design of his or her phone instantly.

Price: $19.99

Mophie Juice Pack

Moto-Mods-Mophie-Juice-Pack.jpgA great concern for the smartphone users is the battery life of their phones. It happens more often when we are on the move, and our phone’s battery run out leaving us in great trouble. Motorola seems to be concerned about the issue and it offers another Moto Mods device for the Moto Z users that offers impressive charging capability for the phone.

There is another power assistant for the Moto Z range of smartphones, which is the Incipio offGRID Power Pack. Along with that the users get another option in form of the Mophie Juice Pack. This device comes with a 3,150 mAh battery pack that offers 60% more charge for the phone. This device also offers fast charging option separately or attached.

Like the Incipio offGRID Power Pack, the Mophie Juice Pack also comes with Efficiency Mode. With this mode, the device charges the phone in efficient time to deliver 25% extra battery life. Dimensionally, it measures 153.11 mm in length, 73.65 mm in width and comes with 8.4 mm of thickness as well. It weighs only 112 gram. This power supplying device is priced at $79.99.

Price: $79.99

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