The Angry Birds Blast looks similar to the Candy Crush Saga in terms of the gameplay

If we talk about the Angry Birds, this was one of the first mobile video game which created a phenomenon around the world in last decade. Yes, a numerous people have been literally addicted to this game. The Angry Birds franchise became so much successful, that tits business flourished beyond the video game. It has been branded into movies, toys and other different merchandise as well.

The original game was launched back in 2009, while the last game was pretty disappointing. In the last edition Rovia couldn’t create the magic like the first edition in last decade. The new Angry Birds Blast gives the Finnish developer entry to the puzzle based game world. In terms of gameplay this one looks quite like another phenomenal game Candy Crush Saga.

In the Angry Birds Blast game, the players need to free up the birds trapped inside the balloons. For that they need to solve the puzzles. Describing the game the company writes in its website, “Solve puzzles, and pop pigs in a whole heap of levels full of bright bouncy balloons, balloon-bursting boosters, and bountiful bad guys.”


The company offered pre-register option to the interested players about the release of the game on the Angry Birds website. The players who pre-registered for the game received $9.99 worth of in-game gold for free, with which the users got chance to head start the new game. Currently it is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android users respectively.

Currently the game is available in select regions across the world. However, in India the new game is available from beginning. Now after the lackluster performance of the last Angry Birds game and its dropping popularity it is to be seen, whether the new puzzle game can bring back the phenomenon or not.

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