Apple is working on AR glasses for the iPhone 8; it could deliver an unique experience to the users

Apple is leaving no stones unturned to make the upcoming iPhone an unique special device. After equipping it with several features, now the US-based tech firm is working on augmented reality features for the iPhone 8. The company is developing AR glasses and already employed hundred of engineers from Microsoft’s HoloLens team and Facebook-owned Oculus.

The AR feature of the next iPhone will enable the device to take a picture with its camera and change the depth of the image or any particular object in the image at later time. Also, the technology will be able to isolate any particular object in the image, and allow that to be tilted 180 degrees. Also, it will allow the system to use virtual effects and objects on any object in the image. This is something we have seen in Snapchat.

Apple iPhone 8 will come with a revolutionary camera augmented with an infrared projector and a receiver as well. It will sport capabilities like the Kinect peripheral Microsoft has made for the Xbox. Apart from the depth sensing, the phone camera will come feature like 3D mapping as well.


Internally codenamed as the Ferrari, Apple iPhone 8 will be very much different from every angle compared to its predecessor. The phone will get a completely new design after several generations. As we have already reported, the iPhone 8 will come ditching the physical home button, which has been a signature design element of the Apple smartphone and copied by several other brands as well.

Thanks to the removal of the physical home button, the iPhone 8 will be able to sport a larger screen and a bigger battery as well. It is expected to come featuring a 5.8-inch high resolution OLED screen, which will come as energy efficient. The useful surface area will be 5.15-inch and rest of the space will be used as functional area with virtual buttons incorporated.


Processor Apple A11
Battery Non-removable Li-Ion
Display 5.8-inch OLED
Storage 32GB / 128GB / 256GB
OS iOS 11
Primary Camera 12-megapixel
Front Camera 7-megapixel
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