Apple has filed for patent for a technology that will turn the iPhone or iPad into a trackpad for MacBook

Apple has imagined turning iPhone or iPad into a trackpad for the MacBook. The American tech major has already filed for a patent that will see the MacBook coming with a dedicated dock for the iPhone and after putting the smartphone into the dock, it can be used as a trackpad for the laptop.

The company has filed for the patent in September last year. But it doesn’t confirm whether this technology will be launched in market in recent future or not. It could be a process to experiment with the flexibility of the iPhone or iPad. However, the technology is something very unique and it combines multiple Apple devices into one unit and the package is expected to deliver superb performance.


Apple recently produced the Touch Bar, which saw the company experimenting with touchscreens. And in its new ambitious project, the MacBook comes with the dedicated dock located at the usual trackpad area. If the company turns the idea into reality, the MacBook could come with little bigger than its current size. in order to accommodate the internal components along with making space for the iPhone dock.


Interestingly, this technology will work in similar fashion like the HP’s LapDock. The laptop comes with a display and batteries to power the entire system. While until now, we have been talking about the iPhone being used as trackpad, Apple has also filed for different a patent for iPad, which will see the tablet being docked at the display portion with a trackpad being supplied on the MacBook.

In this case, the the iPad would power the entire experience and it could add extra storage capacity and an additional GPU to the laptop, enhancing its capability further. Interestingly, the US-based company manufactured a Pro version of iPad back in 2015, which came with Apple Pencil stylus and a Smart Keyboard as well, making the iPad into a smaller laptop.

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