Apple has introduced an all-new improved file system for its devices with the newly launched iOS 10.3

Apple has been known for its safe and secure file system used in the iOS devices. Now the American tech major has gone one step ahead by introducing a new and advanced file system to the newly released iOS 10.3 for all the iPad and iPhone users across the world. The new system is named as Apple File System, which leaves the company’s 31-year old Hierarchical File System.

The new file system was announced at WWDC in 2016 and it has been developed keeping the various Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and Apple TV in mind. Apart from this new file system other features introduced in the iOS 10.3 aren’t major updates.

The old file system, Apple devices were using for long time was originally designed for Macs with old floppy drives and hard discs, but the modern devices come with more advanced technology, and the new file system will cater those modern devices. It has been designed to cater the future Apple devices as well and it will work across the flash or SSD storage categories. The US-based tech major claims that storing files in Apple devices will be much easier and safer from now on.


Compared to the old HFS+, the new APFS can copy a simple file much faster minimizing the time significantly. The read and write speed on iOS and Mac devices become much faster with implementation of this new file system. As the company claims, most of the users won’t understand the swift transition and the difference, but the storage level gets a boost after the update.

Apple says that the new file system calculates the available data after the update and saves more space in an attempt to offer the user more storage. Apple is also working on the iOS 11, which will further improve the new file system.

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