Apple car will come incorporating autonomous driving technology and electric powertrain; will focus the ride-sharing sector

Apple has been working on its ambitious project of a smart self-driving car that will run on electric powertrain. CEO of the American tech firm Tim Cook has said that the project is mother of all AI projects currently going on around the world. This clearly indicates how much importance Apple is giving on the self driving technology of this upcoming car.

Known for its unique innovations, Apple’s smart car will focus on three different factors, which are self-driving technology, electric powertrain and ride sharing service. Therefore, it can be said that Apple car will be focusing to serve the customers in collaboration with the ride sharing service providers like Uber. What’s more interesting is that the US-based tech company is not only focusing on car, but it wants to introduce the autonomous systems to various other sectors as well.

Interestingly, Apple has been working on augmented reality and a smart assistant like Siri The augmented reality could be the next big feature available in next generation Apple products like iPhone and Mac. Therefore, the artificial intelligence (AI) is going to play a very big role for Apple’s future products, which could be the electronic gadgets as well as the smart car also.


Interestingly, self-driving cars have been a fantasy for quite long time, but now with several auto majors and tech firms working on the autonomous driving tech the imaginations is slowly becoming reality. Auto manufacturers like Tesla, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz have already progressed a lot in this sector and tech firms like Google has also made significant progress.

With the tech giant like Apple working on its futuristic self driving electric car, we may see many other technology firms also entering the field. It is not sure, when Apple will be able to make the completely autonomous car, but we may hope that day is not very far.

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