Apple’s ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ feature will notify the caller with an automatic voice or text response

Apple is ready to introduce an interesting feature in its upcoming iOS 11 that is christened as ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’. This feature will send an automatic voice or text response to the caller when the user will be driving. This feature has been designed to enhance the driver safety and giving the user a bit of relief from receiving phone calls while driving.

However, usage of the feature will depend on the user only as he or she will need to activate it manually. No matter what, this could be an attempt to alert the users of the dangers of using mobile phones while driving. In this interesting feature, the users will have an option to send an auto reply to the contacts listed in his or her ‘Favourite’ list.

The feature will be available for both the iPhone and iPad users once the American tech firm rolls out the iOS 11. The feature has been previewed during the preview of the upcoming iOS 11 at Apple’s annual conference during 5th June – 9th June in San Jose in California.


Road accidents are the reason behind a large number of deaths across the world. Every year around 1.3 million people die and more than 50 million people get injured in road accidents around the world. A large number of accidents happen due to the lack of driver concentration and using mobile phone during driving is certainly a big reason for that.

Speaking about the iOS 11, this is going to be a major software release from the company, As Apple itself describes it. The iOS 11 is expected to be rolled out during this fall and it will introduce couple of interesting features like augmented reality that will be way more improved assisting feature than the Siri.

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