Apple iPhone 8 is expected to launch in 2017; will sport bezel less design with AMOLED screen

Apple is presently giving its upcoming flagship smartphone iPhone 8 finishing touch. The phone is expected to launch sometime in 2017. Recently a leaked document reveals that the phone which is codenamed as the D22 is internally badged as Ferrari, following the iconic Italian sportscar manufacturer’s name.

It has been long speculated that the all-new iPhone 8 will sport a complete overhaul from the current iPhone’s design, which has been continuing for last couple of years. The new phone is reported to come without any bezel. So far, the appearance will be bit similar to the Samsung S7 Edge. It will come with an AMOLED screen and its curved panels would be supplied by either Samsung or by LG.

Thanks to the curved screen, the upcoming iPhone 8 will arrive with a bigger display than the current generation model. Also, we may see the removal of the Home button. Along with that, it could also come with Touch ID sensor and camera positioned beneath the display. The iPhone 8 will sport a slimmer look, due to the two-part logic board, which will be connected via a cable.


The two logic boards will house different chips. One with the the A11 Fusion plus the NAND flash storage. Another one will get the chips for cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more. Coming back to the iPhone 8’s internal naming, there is absolutely no clue why the American tech firm has named it after the famous Italian sportscar manufacturer.

Interestingly, Apple is reported to be launching three different smartphones in 2017. One of them is the flagship iPhone 8, while the other models are expected to be two models with LCD screens. These two models are internally codenamed s the D20 and the D21, which would come out as the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus.

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