Several automakers and tech companies to display futuristic automotive technologies at CES 2018

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 will bring not only gadgets and technological innovations, the event will also unwrap several futuristic automotive tech solutions as well that we can expected to see implemented in the world cars and motorcycles in near future. While we are eagerly waiting for the tech event scheduled between 9th–12th January, 2018 in Las Vegas, here are some of the exciting automotive technologies that will be uncovered at the event.

Rinspeed Snap

Rinspeed Snap is a concept that previews a futuristic modular zero emission driverless vehicle. The vehicle’s cabin can detach itself from the chassis and turn into a caravan and a mobile showroom as well. The vehicle looks like a glass capsule with inspiration from a small bus and it comes with a dimension similar as a compact hatchback.

So far, it is an interesting concept vehicle that we would like to come in production form in near future. This is not the first time Rinspeed has impressed us with its unique concept vehicle. Previously, the company showcased its other concept model Rinspeed Oasis which had provision to grow a garden in it.


Mercedes-Benz User Experience

Mercedes-Benz is going to display an unique and futuristic touchscreen infotainment system solution. Christened as MBUX, this is going to be available in all the future Mercedes cars. As the German luxury car manufacturer says, this new MBUX infotainment firmware will replace the present COMAND firmware. Apart from improved experience, the touchscreen will come bigger more touch friendly and with better voice command system.

So far, the new MBUX infotainment system will replace the presently available one and it will offer better experience from every angle. Also, this will come equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto like connectivity features.

Continental Wireless Micro-Charging

Automotive component and technology supplier Continental will showcase a new technology at Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas that could be a solution to resolve the driving range issue in future electric vehicles across the world. This technology will allow the electric vehicles to be charged wirelessly.

Wireless charging has been a sector on which several technology firms have been working for quite some time across the world. We have seen smartphone manufacturers trying to introduce this technology in the high end mobile phones. Now adding this tech to cars will certainly enhance the appeal of the zero emission vehicles.


Denso 5G Connected Cars

In car technologies are the sectors on which several auto manufacturers and automotive technology developers are working for quite some time. Denso has come up with an unique technology that is based on the fifth generation (5G) connectivity. This tech will play key role to establish a connected car network for the futuristic autonomous vehicles.

Denso will showcase this 5G connected car technology at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas. Expect several auto manufacturers to use this or similar technology in their self driving vehicles across the world in coming years.

ZF Touchscreen Steering Wheel

This is another automotive technology we are about to see at 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that has been developed keeping focus on the futuristic autonomous vehicles. ZF has been at the forefront of driverless driving technology and it will showcase a touchscreen steering wheel at the tech event.

This ZF touchscreen steering wheel gets a digital display at the centre along with a redesigned airbag mechanism. This also gets several sensors and LEDs all around. This way the steering wheel comes truly multifunction from every angle and it can interpret the maneuvers as well as ensures better safety as well. Overall, this could be a revolutionary innovation for the futuristic autonomous vehicles.

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