Brightspark bike light is world’s first bicycle turn signals enhancing safety for cyclists using cutting-edge technology

Safety is a very common concern for the cycling enthusiasts while riding on highways. While the cars and bikes come with several lighting equipments and safety measures, cyclists literally ride minus them. Yes, we are not forgetting about the helmet, but the bicycles don’t come with advanced safety measures at all. Here is something you might like if you are a cycling enthusiast.

Brightspark bike light has been developed for the cyclists who take ride in dark. It is world’s first bicycle turn signaling system using cutting edge technology and enhancing safety. Designed and developed in London, this lighting system employs dual headlights with turn indicators and laser signals that are transmitted onto the road.

The lighting system uses twin 300 Lumen ultra-bright LED headlamps, combining 600 lumens offering class leading brightness. They are designed to easily grab attention of drivers of the other vehicles coming from opposite direction. Along with that comes the laser indicators, with which the cyclist can show the size of the cycle and make his or her presence felt and it also helps the pedestrians and other drivers or riders to understand the cyclist’s next move.


The system comes with Orange blinkers positioned at the end of the handlebar. These lights are strong enough to cut through the dark and make them visible from a significant distance. Another interesting feature of the lighting system is the vibration function, which communicates with the cyclist through the bars. This smart system confirms the rider’s instruction or even reminds if a signal is left on.

The controls are positioned in such position, that the rider can operate it with thumb. This means he or she doesn’t need to take hands off the bar. The entire system is waterproof and survives from freezing, and high temperatures too. This makes it very much durable and the entire system can be charged anywhere, using the micro USB port in it.

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