Buddy Robot Has been developed by Blue Frog Robotics displayed at CES 2018; sales to begin later this year

Robotics has certainly replaced a wide range of manual works and in future too the trend is expected to be increasingly continued. Speaking about robotics and technology innovations, Consumer Electronics Show certainly brings us the chance to experience what’s happening all around the tech world in one compact platform and this year one of the attention catcher there was the Buddy Robot.

Developed by Blue Frog Robotics, this robot was displayed at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas. It comes with a cute look and what’s more interesting, this could actually perform couple of tasks in your home and become your helpful companion by doing so. There were several different robots with different capabilities and look, including first humanoid Sophia too. But, Buddy grabbed everyone’s attention with its cuteness.

As the Blue Frog Robotics claims, Buddy can wake up members of the family, remind them of various events, control smart appliances in the home and also patrol the home just like a security guard. It has a built-in camera that can capture footage. That’s quite like a CCTV camera, but the advantage here is it can roam the entire house. Also, it can provide you multimedia entertainment as well.


Blue Frog Robotics has already grabbed an impressive number of pre-bookings for the Buddy robot and delivery will commence later this year. Now, speaking about its pricing, you can take home the Buddy robot at an expense of $1,500. While the first phase of pre-booking is over now, the manufacturer says they will initiate a second phase in coming months.

Speaking about its appearance, the manufacturer company says they didn’t want to make it human like, but close to what we know. Well this reminds us of the famous Oscar winning animation movie Wall-E, if you remember.

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