Bugatti has manufactured a bicycle in association with luxury bicycle maker PG; weighs less than 5 kg

When we hear Bugatti, first thing come to our mind is the fastest road-spec car in the world. Yes, Bugatti certainly invokes the names like Bugatti Veyron, Chiron etc. But this time, the French sportscar manufacturer has come up with a bicycle, which is made of extensive carbon fibre and weighs less than 5 kg. Yes, that sounds very interesting indeed.

During manufacturing the bicycle, combined were Bugatti’s expertise in making ultra-light cars using plenty of carbon fibre and luxury bicycle maker PG’s experience and expertise as well. Bugatti claims that it has used carbon fibre like Chiron, its latest sportscar and the fastest in the world to keep the bicycle’s weight down. One thing to mention here is that this bicycle is currently the lightest in the world.


The bicycle comes with its 95% made of carbon fibre. Also, with the reinforced cross sections, the model offers maximum rigidity. Both the PG and Bugatti claim that they have used technology from the motor racing to build this unique bicycle.


Also, the two companies blended the aerodynamic efficiency in the bicycle to make it faster going and to significantly reduce the cyclist’s stress. It comes with a shock absorption bar and aerodynamic tubing as well. To keep its exclusivity intact, the bicycle will be manufactured in a limited number of 667 units only. Certainly this thing is not meant for everyone, and only customers with capability to spend a whopping $39,000 can buy this.


The PG Bugatti bike, as it is being called offers several customisation options to the owners. The bicycle can be customised with leather and different paint options to add more zing to it. No wonder that this thing is not made for the usual regular cycling. Bugatti advice the owners to use this bicycle only for sport riding, not on the public roads. Certainly no one is going to pedaling on a $39k piece of art on public roads.


PG Bugatti Bike Galley

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