EA Access gaming subscription service is currently available for Xbox One users only; new move to significantly boost expansion

Subscription based gaming service EA Access is expected to be available on different platforms soon compared to Xbox One only. EA reveals that the growing demand and success of this service has prompted the company to consider the move that will significantly boost its expansion to more users across the world.

As the company says, its EA Access and Origin Access are being introduced to more new platforms in order to grow. However, the company is yet to reveal which consoles will get the EA Access and the exact timeframe too is yet to be disclosed. We can assume PS4 is the platform, EA is targeting as it is already available for the PC users through the similar Origins Access service.

The company is specially focusing on the live service games like FIFA, Battlefield and Battlefront that come with microtransactions within the game itself instead of one time purchase service. With this, EA is expecting to see increased revenue as the users will be able to access the games at affordable monthly rate, resulting in more users accessing the service.


In recent past, EA Access has gone strength to strength, thanks to its large volume of games and the popular big title like star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 1 and Mass Effect Andromeda. All of these games come available at an affordable monthly rent and this module has inspired the company to expand the service for various other platforms. Also, it will undermine the other player’s skills as well.

However, this is going to be a controversial money making method from the company. Also, it will lead to decline in the popular single-player game market that once dominated the gaming world. Also, it is expected to introduce pay-to-win mechanics that will deprive other players who won’t purchase the in-game services.

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