About a couple of years ago, one of the most influential social media platforms, Twitter began allowing its users to create polls for pretty much all intents and purposes. It enabled a particular user or a certified twitterati to understand the type of user they are being followed and pertaining to their tastes would help in a much better connection for a certain business or related things like that.

In a similar fashion, Facebook has jumped in the bandwagon and is getting on with the polls as well. Currently, you can jump in to your profile and make polls on your own without any restrictions based on browser or platforms like iOS and Android. For instance, in the desktop browser, use the regular interface to write a post and at the bottom menu for adding Photos and checking-in you could see another option being inserted for adding poll.

Facebook makes it better for the users as the questions can be as long as you desire and additionally photos or GIFs can be added to make a better interaction as opposed to limitations in Twitter. However, unlike Twitter, you can only make polls and let users choose between a couple of options and are limited to just 25 characters for better understanding of the poll itself.


On contrary to Twitter, the polls would not be anonymous as you can actually see who has voted for which option by clicking on the vote count in bottom right hand corner. It is another way of understanding what people prefer perhaps.

As Facebook is involved in investigation regarding how big an impact its policies have had on the outcome of the last presidential election in the US, the time is nothing short of interesting. But it was coming as avid followers might have noted as polls are recently added to Instagram stories as well.

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