Kissenger is a physical gadget that connects to your phone so that you can lip-lock with someone with whom you are separated by distance

Are you in a long distance relationship? Are you separated from your lover by distance? Well, here is something in which you might be interested. Here comes the gadget called ‘Kissenger’. This is a physical gadget, which connects you to your phone and lets you plant a kiss on your lover’s lips using the internet.

For last few years, the Kissenger gadget has been knocking around university research labs. The device has been developed with aim to let the couples kiss each other through internet. The gadget is basically a brightly coloured smartphone holster with a plastic pad attached to the bottom of it. Whenever someone locks lip with the pad, it transmits the sensation through to an identical holster and pad to that person’s partner and the process goes on vice versa.

Emma Yann Zhang, who has worked on the prototype said, kissing is the most direct and universal expression of intimacy and affection. At the Love and Sex with Robots congress at Goldsmiths, University of London she said, the device has been developed for couples to bond and maintain intimacy in their relationships.


Speaking about the device Emma Yann Zhang also says, this gadget is stress reducer as this kind of physical intimacy keeps the level of blood pressure lower. As she describes, the device comes with pressure sensors and actuators which record and transmit the kiss to the receiving device. It also comes with an app, which features video calling making things somewhat realistic.

The developers of this device say, not only couples, but parents away from their children can use the device as well. Zhang has revealed that the next step for this device is going to be building scent into the prototypes delivering authentic smell of the person during kissing.

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