LG Triptych Concept

LG Triptych concept phone is the work of designer Edward Hale; it is more of a smartphone

Now a days smartphones are not just phones, but act more than that. Have you ever thought about a foldable phone that turns into a tablet? Here is one from designer Edward Hale. He has recently showed his interesting LG concept phone, which is called Triptych.

The Triptych is basically a foldable smartphone that can turn into a tablet. It comes with a main screen and dual auxiliary displays as well. Thus the device provides the user more space for reading, typing and playback. Interestingly, LG is yet to reveal its first true tablet and we hope this would be the first phone-cum-tablet from the South Korean tech firm.

The device looks like multi-layered and it can be positioned according to the user’s preference and convenience to give him or her better viewing position. The main display gets a large digital touchscreen, below which are touch buttons. The edges are rounded off and the device sports a thick look due to its multi-layered appearance.


LG Triptych Concept 2

Once unfolded, the phone turns into a tablet with a large display thanks to the twin auxiliary screens. This makes the device look like a true tablet instead of a large display incorporated smartphone. It is not sure, which operating system will power up the device. Imaginative rumors suggest that this device could come incorporating dual operating systems. In that case, it could run in Android Gingerbread in phone mode and switch to Honeycomb when entered tablet mode.

Also, there is no news yet about the launch of the LG Triptych. But we may expect the device to be unveiled in near future. Also, expect more informations about the camera, processor, storage capacity to come out in near future, if the South Korean tech major decides to launch it as a production model.

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