The electric motorcycle will run from Los Angeles to San Francisco on a single charge; test to take place later this summer

Electric bike manufacturer Lightning Motorcycles is gearing up test its new electric bike with an impressive range of 644 km. The bike will run between Los Angeles and San Francisco on a single charge and the test is expected to take place during later this summer or during early fall.

The electric motorcycle manufacturer is known for its LS-218 model that set a record of running at a top speed of 350 kmph and became the fastest production electric bike in the world. Speaking about distance record, the Zero Motorcycles set a record of 483 kilometer back in 2015, when Terry Hershner rode a streamlined Zero S. This record is still unbroken, but with Lightning Motorcycles preparing to run 644 kilometer the 2015 record seems to be broken within a few months.

Lightning Motorcycles CEO Richard Hatfield hopes that the company will be able to hit the desired mark and set a new benchmark for the electric motorcycle manufacturers across the world with the help of Indiana’s Battery Innovation Centre, which is producing the battery pack for the 644 km range bike prototype. Lightning CEO also hinted that the company could accelerate the project of the long range model to reach production level from current research and development stage.


The US-based Lightning Motorcycle began its journey nearly a decade ago when it transformed a conventional petrol engine powered Yamaha R1 into an electric bike. Back in 2012, the company won FIM ePower Series at Laguna Seca with a solar powered Barracuda Lightning. Next year its LS 218 won title at the Pikes Peak beating the regular petrol powered bikes.

The Lightning LS-218 electric motorcycle is priced at $38,888, equivalent to Rs. 25,11,534. Alongside this, the manufacturer is also planning to launch a cheaper and more affordable version of the LS-218 which would be priced under $20,000. With this cheaper version of LS-218, Lightning Motorcycle expects to expand its presence in electric motorcycle market.

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