Microsoft HoloLens is already available in 10 markets at present; company also planning to roll out updates to existing customers

Microsoft has just announced that it is going to launch the HoloLens smart glass in 29 new European markets. The company made this announcement in front of 15,000 IT and decision makers that had come at the intersection of business and technology.

Regarding the HoloLens, Lorraine Bardeen, who is the General manager at Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Experiences said that the company has shared how technologies like Microsoft 365, Microsoft HoloLens, 3D and Windows Mixed Reality are helping the firstline workers, companies and information workers become agents of change in the digital transformation and modern workplace.

The top honcho further stated that mixed reality powers the organisations and people to achieve more and more in their work. The experiences provided by mixed reality indeed help employees and companies complete tasks faster and more efficiently. This also helps in making new ways to connect with the partners and customers, the company noted.


Microsoft believes that the era of mixed reality will serve as a catalyst for innovations in the workplace and it expects firstline workers and information workers to benefit significantly from solutions that blend the company’s physical and digital reality.

Another benefit of mixed reality is that people can change the content or even the location of their meeting in a matter of seconds. Also, mixed reality helps in delivering the interfaces that help workers perform upon the data that has been generated from intelligence devices. This eventually helps to connect with others across the physical space.

Microsoft HoloLens is currently available in 10 markets and in order to address the need of mixed reality, the company will be making it available in a total of 39 markets.

The company is currently also working on bringing the most asked for software updates to the existing HoloLens customers. The update will roll out to the said customers during the initial months of 2018.

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