NAVYA sold two ARMA automated electric shuttles to Tokyo-based SB Drive Corp

French electric vehicle manufacturer NAVYA has entered Japanese market with two of its flagship autonomous electric shuttle called ARMA sold to the Tokyo-based SB Drive Corp, which is a subsidiary of the SoftBank Corp. With these, the French mobility solution provider is now present in seven countries with 30 vehicles operating regularly.

The NAVYA ARMA is a driverless, automated electric vehicle that offers first and last mile mobility to the passengers and it also comes independent of all infrastructures. The vehicle can accommodate a total of 15 passengers. The vehicle was first displayed in its concept form at the Consumer Electric Show 2013 in Las Vegas and later it was first successfully tested at the EDF nuclear power plant in Civaux in June 2015.

Since then the NAVYA ARMA driverless minibus has been a potential futuristic transportation solution on the urban roads of several developed countries. A very interesting feature of the vehicle is the earthquake sensors, which will certainly become very useful in an earthquake-prone country like Japan. Apart from the Asian country, the NAVYA ARMA operates in Switzerland and currently is being tested in New Zealand too.


The NAVYA is the first available public vehicle run by a fully electric powertrain and it made its public debut at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux in October 2015. The driverless minibus comes available in a single-coach configuration and it is equipped with lidars, stereo-vision cameras, GPS RTK, GNSS, infrared sensors 6 and a navigation system as well.

Another interesting feature of the vehicle is the interactive system comprising touchscreen panel, LED panels and speakers. The 1,800 kg weighing vehicle gets power from a 15 kW LifeP04 battery pack, which enables it to run at a top speed of 45 kmph.

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