Nokia has sued Apple for RF technology, Siri, Find my iPhone features; claimed the Apple copied these from them

Finland-based tech firm Nokia is at war with global tech giant Apple. The Finnish company has sued the US-based tech firm for copying their original features. The former brand has filed a lawsuit against Apple for ten patents, which includes the RF technology, Siri features including Find my iPhone and more other features on iPhone as well.

Nokia has claimed that Apple is copying its cellular technology. According to the Finnish brand, Apple’s popular smartphones ranging from latest iPhone 7 to iPhone 5 have been made using the copied technology and features. The camera design of Apple iPhone has been also accused for copying Nokia’s patented design. The Finnish tech major has claimed that the rear camera cut-out on iPhone was patented by Nokia.

Despite these allegations, the American tech firm is still silent about the developments. But, the company has already removed Nokia accessories from all of its stores across the world. Now the most interesting part is, if court rules in favour of Nokia, Apple might have to take down the affected products from its offerings. No wonder, that would be disastrous for the US-based firm. Therefore it would most probably settle the matter outside court by paying a hefty compensation to Nokia.


Nokia was been ruling the mobile phone world for quite long time. But soon after Apple launched its iconic iPhone to the market, popularity of the feature phones started dropping ultimately affecting Nokia’s business worldwide. But now after couple of years Nokia is preparing to come back with a bang.

The Finnish tech giant is gearing up to launch several phones in coming months including both budget features phones and hi-tech smartphones. The company could launch three smartphones into the market, which are expected to be unveiled at MWC 2017 in late February. Now before that, the company is making sure no one takes their piece of the cake.

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