Oppo is all set to introduce 5x dual camera zoom technology to smartphones; announced the feature at MWC 2017

Mobile manufacturer Oppo has announced an unique technology for smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2017. The technology is 5x dual camera optical zoom, which could be seen at one of the brand’s flagship mobile phone in near future. Once introduced, this is going to be a breakthrough camera technology in the world of mobile phones.

Currently most of the smartphones come with digital zoom feature, but when zoomed in, the image quality drops significantly. Only a few high-end premium smartphone come with optical zoom function, but that results in large camera bump or a camera lens limited to 2x digital zoom.

With Oppo’s new dual camera zoom technology in place, the next flagship model from the brand could come with two lenses. One will be a telephoto lens and another will be a wide angle unit. Oppo’s technology will enable the telephoto lens to set at 90 degree angle, just the way a periscope works. The entire setup will be only 5.7 mm thick and it will resolve the camera bump issue also.


With this dual camera optical zoom function enabled, the Oppo smartphone user will be able to zoom in on objects positioned far away. But it will not affect the image quality at all, as there won’t be any motion blur. The technology is claimed to be far superior than the Apple iPhone 7 Plus’s 2x digital zoom function.

In this dual camera zoom technology, the lens of the smartphone will come capable of 3x optical zoom. But with the mobile manufacturer’s image fusion technology, it will be able to provide digital zoom to bring it up to 5x zoom enhancing the image quality. There will be an optical image stabilization technology as well, which will protect the image from getting out of focus of blurred even when the user’s hands are shaking.

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