Italian design house Pininfarina showcased its first electric bike Diavelo E-Voluzionee at the Taipei Cycle Show last month

Famous Italian design house Pininfarina has been known for designing some exquisitely beautiful cars. The Mahindra-owned firm has designed its first electric bike christened as the Diavelo E-voluzione, which was showcased at the 2017 Taipei International Cycle Show last month and grabbed attention of the cyclist enthusiasts around the world with its design.

The electric bike comes with a design that grabs attention very easily. Also, it is lightweight taking stress off the rider and helping him or her to store more energy for further ride. The handling quality is pretty good thanks to the light weight of the electric bicycle.


Diavelo director Brian Hoehl claims that his electric cycles are among the bestselling ones in the industry and with the design made by Pininfarina it is also expected to become an eye-catcher in near future for the cyclist enthusiasts. His company has a full range of trekking e-bikes, city e-bikes, e-MTBs and speed pedelecs as well. Now the latest inclusion is the E-voluzione e-bike designed by Pininfarina.


Speaking about the Pininfarina designed E-voluzione e-bike’s style, it comes with an aerodynamic appearance. The handlebar and the entire structure as well have been designed in such manner which helps the rider to accelerate faster and also helps the e-bike to cut through the air easily.


The front mudguard and the rear mudguard get sleek LED headlamp and taillight respectively providing desired safety and illumination. The battery is positioned at the front tube and this way it is protected from the outer impacts. Brian Hoehl says that his company makes the bicycles keeping the local requirements in mind and he is hopeful that the Pininfarina designed E-voluzione too will be able to cater the needs of the buyers perfectly.

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