Samsung has repositioned the fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S8 at the back and high above beside the camera

Samsung is yet to launch its next flagship mobile phone the Galaxy S8 and the critics seem to have already one reason to ridicule the smartphone. The new phone comes with a repositioned fingerprint scanner that is placed at an odd place. Yes, the fingerprint scanner is positioned to the back of the device and high above beside the rear camera.

Critics say that this repositioning of the fingerprint scanner in the upcoming Samsung flagship has no sense at all. Interestingly, there are several other smartphones in the world that come with fingerprint scanners positioned at the back. But the uniqueness here is that it is positioned beside the camera, not below it.

If the tech major has repositioned the scanner below the lens, users could have reached there with an index finger and speaking about the case makers they could have just cut a hole in the back for easy access. But being positioned higher up the reaching the scanner will be bit of trouble for the users with smaller hands. Positioning it at the right side means the left handed users will face little bit of problem. Also, the users can accidentally put their fingers on the lens as well.


Samsung galaxy S8 was first thought to be coming at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. But the company has already confirmed that it won’t launch the smartphone there. However, despite the odd repositioning of the fingerprint scanner, the smartphone comes with a very attractive design.

The biggest visual attraction is certainly the display and the sleek design. No physical button on the front has enabled the South Korean tech giant to make the display significantly larger, while at the sides too it looks wider enough. It comes loaded with features that certainly enhance the appeal of the device further.

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