Samsung Note 7 posed as the biggest embarrassment for the South Korean brand after the device were reported for overheating and catching fire

Samsung has confirmed that it will resale the Note 7 as refurbished device. The South Korean technology firm faced its biggest embarrassment when the Note 7 device was reported to be overheating and catching fire across the world. The issue was became so serious that the brand had to initiate a recall program for the device.

The company initially announced that it would dispose the Note 7 and had no plan to repair or refurbish them. But, now, the brand has confirmed that it will sell the device as refurbished one. In an attempt to do that, Samsung will work with local authorities and carriers and the device will be resold where applicable.

The process will be done in three different stages. The salvageable components like camera modules and semi-conductors will be saved, while the metal parts will be extracted with help from third party companies. Now, in doing these and selling the Note 7 as refurbished device in particular markets could mean that it would be sold in markets where the regulations are not very strict. Therefore the question of breaching safety and environment is also about to rise.


However, Samsung claims that refurbished devices come to reduce and minimize any environmental damage. It also hinted that the Note 7 could come donning a completely different name, which would be done in an attempt to keep distance from the overheating and fire related issue, which caused the company to lose its brand image.

The product details like technical specifications, price range will be announced ones the refurbished Note 7 hit the market. The company also cleared that it won’t resale or rent the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in US market, clearly because of the stringent safety laws there. The Korean tech major recalled a total number of 4.3 million Note 7 across the world.

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