Samsung launched the S-Skin at CES 2017 in Las Vegas; it’s an experimental product from the brand’s C-Lab

Samsung has launched the S-Skin at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas. This is the first skin care gadget of the world that has been developed by the C-Lab department of the South Korean tech firm. The company says it is one experimental product from the brand and we may see Samsung entering new business potentials soon with such unique gadget.

So, how the Samsung S-Skin works? It assesses the skin of the user through a combination of cameras, light sensors and conductivity sensors. Then the device beams light on the user’s face and analyzes the result with the data that bounces back to the sensors. This gadget comes with dual metal contacts that measure the conductivity of the skin and estimates the moisture.

After the analysis is done, the gadget starts its light-based care program. There is a micro-needle patch which can apply the nutrient packs to the skin of the user. This colour changing rough patch ensures the pack has been applied correctly.


Samsung claims that it wants to give its employees a chance to show their ideas to the market and the S-Skin comes as the result of once such ambitious project. This device is truly very unique and futuristic. Also it is expected to be offering long treatment for the skin.

Currently, the Samsung S-Skin is at the stage of validation and after receiving feedback from media, the company will take further step with this project. It is not sure, when the tech major will commercially launch this device, but we hope to see the unique gadget in the stores soon.

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