Samsung unveiled 146-inch ‘The Wall’ modular TV at CES 2018; built by multiple panels and using MicroLED technology

Samsung has unveiled its latest TV The Wall at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas that is set to bring an unique viewing experience. ‘The Wall’ is a 146-inch modular TV that is built with multiple 9.37-inch panels and it uses MicroLED technology that directly rivals the OLED tech.

Samsung claims that this TV comes as the South Korean tech giant’s constant attempt to improve the display technology. ‘The Wall’ comes with a module based and bezel less design. It features self emitting display technology and thanks to the numerous MicroLED chips used in building this TV it doesn’t need colour filters. As Samsung claims, this TV will outperform the current display technology in terms o0f picture quality, once it comes to market.

So far, ‘The Wall’ will bring a completely new TV viewing experience by delivering the truest natural colours and much better response time compared to the current high definition television sets. What’s more interesting about this modular TV, customers can easily customise the display size according to their preference and the viewing environment desired.


Despite being built with multiple separate panels, the modules seamlessly integrate with the next ones. This doesn’t affect the display quality. Also, no matter how big the screen is made by joining the modules together, viewers get the optimum picture quality and resolution.

Thanks to its unique design, Samsung ‘The Wall’ can easily enhance the beauty of the room as well. However, Samsung have not revealed how many modules have been used to build the 146-inch TV set. Also, the company is yet to reveal the specific time when this TV will be available in market. But, we can expect it to be available in the market by the end of this year. Speaking about its pricing, imagine buying it only if you have a really deep pocket.

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