Upcoming iOS 11 will be Apple’s biggest software release till date; will incorporate several groundbreaking features

Apple has previewed its upcoming iOS 11 during the annual conference of the company at San Jose in California. The event went on during 5th June – 9th June, where several interesting features of the upcominjg iOS 11 were revealed. This truly makes the iOS 11 the most interesting and biggest software to be released by the American tech giant.

However, the update won’t be available for several Apple devices like the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPad 4th generation etc. Having said that, millions of users won’t be able to avail the new features of the iOS 11. But the newer devices will be eligible to get the update. Expected to be rolled out during this fall, it incorporates several groundbreaking features and here we choose seven among them.

Customizable Dock

This feature will be a big change update for the Apple iPad users. This will let the users to customise the dock with a swipe. With just a swipe of finger, the users will be able to open or switch apps instantly. Also, it will suggest the users the apps that have been opened recently on the user’s iPhone and Mac.


Do Not Disturb While Driving

This is an unique feature with which Apple wants to give the users an option to focus on driving instead of receiving calls and losing concentration, that could result in life threatening mishap. This feature will allow the users to select option to send automatic voice or text response to the callers while he or she will be driving. This feature could a6t least alert the drivers about the dangers of using mobile phones during driving.

Improved Multitasking

The upcoming Apple iOS 11 will offer the users improved multitasking facility. With this, the user can open a second app and keep both of the apps active at the same time. Both the apps will remain in the Slide Over and in Split View as well. The user can drag the second app to the Side Over to the left of the screen.

Drag and Drop

Just like a regular computer moving, copying and pasting files or folders will become much easier in the iOS 11 with the drag and drop facility. All the user needs to do is click on the file or folder and drag it to the desired place before dropping it. This is nothing but what we do with the left button of mouse in the regular computers.

Instant Notes

Apple iOS 11 will allow the user to take note instantly without even unlocking his or her iPhone or iPad. All the user needs to do is tap on the Apple Pencil on the lock screen and start taking notes. Everything created will be saved in the Notes app instantly, saving precious time and making the entire process much easier.


Augmented Reality

Apple will introduce ARKit with the roll out of upcoming iOS 11. This will bring the augmented reality to all the iOS devices and allow the developers to easily build AR experiences. This is expected to enhance the user’s experience of gaming and using various apps to next level by introducing the virtual reality in them.

New Files

The all-new Files app in the iOS 11 will keep all the files in one place. This will help the user to browse, search and organise all of the files in the device making it easier to find within short time. Also, this will show the recent files opened in various Apple devices like iPhone or iPad. It will sync the files in the iCloud Drive and across Box and Dropbox as well.

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