Sony PlayStation has reached 50 million sales milestone globally. The video games console is available in 122 countries across the world and it has sold 10 million units in just 7 months, as in May this year, the company reached 40 million mark. The company says, PlayStation reached 50 million mark on 6th December, including both the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro systems.

The PS4 Pro is the ultra-high-definition version of the PS4. It was launched on 10th November this year. This success is very encouraging for them considering the Microsoft’s Xbox One outsold the PlayStation 4 for past several months. Apart from that, Sony has also sold around 370 million physical and digital software units.

Meanwhile Sony has announced the PlayStation Ultimate Holiday Pack, which is a special bundle consisting slimmer PS4 and a pair of games meant for all ages. It is available at the PlayStation authorized dealers. This pack comes with Slim PlayStation 4 with 1 year extended warranty, which has a 500 GB HDD and supports High-Dynamic Range. Sony claims, it is 28% energy efficient and 16% lightweight compared to standard PS4 model.


The pack also offers two games in the bundle, which are Little Big Planet 3 and Dragon Quest Builders. The first one is the third installment in the popular Little Big Plant series. It is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer featuring Sackboy. In this third version Sackboy is joined by sack-allies – Swoop, OddSock and Toggle. Like the previous version, this game allows players to create their own levels.

The second game Dragon Quest Builders is an action role-playing game, which is set in an enormous sandbox world made of blocks. In this game, players can destroy objects using various tools and use the blocks to create new things like buildings, vehicles, weapons, armor etc. Also, the players can create traps to defend their base.

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