Super Mario Run Launched on iOS

Till date Super Mario Run has been exclusively available on Nintendo platforms

Finally Super Mario Run comes to iOS, available for all the players who use iPhones. Till date this game has been exclusively available on Nintendo platforms only. But now with the game available on iOS, it is able to reach more players across the world.

The Super Mario Run comes by not following the industry norms of popular free to play micro-transaction supported model. You can download and play a trial version of this game or free, but if you are looking forward to play the full version then it will charge you $10. So far, it seems appropriate, but there are number of peoples who would love to play it for free.

The Super Mario Run is an auto-runner and the levels take more or less like the Mario levels. In this game the plumber moves forward all the times. So far, it feels quite like Mario. For those, who have never played this game the Super Mario Run is a side scrolling auto-running video game, which has been developed by Nintendo. It was one of the few Mario games, which was developed for non-Nintendo hardware.


Now as Nintendo has already made the game available for iOS users, Android users are questioning when they will get the chance to play this game. Well, Nintendo says, it will be available on Android in near future. So far, we may see the Super Mario Run being available on Android sometime during 2017 only.

The game has been long unavailable on iOS and while now it is available there, Android users are still left apart. It seems that Nintendo is slowly and cleverly entering the mobile market. By entering step by step it will be able to generate interest among people, which will certainly give it benefit in longer run.

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