Google I/O is the platform where the American tech firm announces and shows off its latest technologies

Google I/O has been an annual developer festival and a platform for the American tech major to announce and show off the latest and upcoming technologies, new gadgets. The Google I/O 2017 was no different and this time Google announce some very interesting and futuristic technology at the event. It includes new technology, new device and existing device with new ground breaking next level machine learning capability as well. So, here we present you the top 5 from them.

Android O Beta

Android is ready to move the next version and Google released the beta version of it at the I/O 2017. The Android I/O beta version is currently available in the supported devices like Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X. However, the alpha version was launched in March this year but this time you can actually install it and play around with the new version.

Android Automotive
Android Auto for the cars has become one of the most popular connectivity systems in the world since its launch alongside the Android Lollipop. Now Google has showcased two demos of the Android Automotive that is much more unique compared to the Android Auto. It is a complete Android OS that runs on a car unlike the Android Auto that is just a projected interface powered by smartphone. The Android Automotive comes with several Google apps and services that can be used without even connective the phone.


Google Lens

Google announced the Google Lens that is a new kind of visual search technology able to recognise objects, deliver informations and perform actions. As Google showed the demo of the device, it can identify the SSID and password of a Wi-Fi network by just seeing the router and also it can log your smartphone into the Wi-Fi network as well. Also it can see a landmark and bring informations about it to you along with a Google Map direction as well.

Google Assistant for iOS

There are several features that Google has reserved exclusively for Android. But now, in order to take on the Apple Siri, the company is rolling out the AI powered Assistant for the iOS. With this, the iPhone users can now use the Google Assistant and ask for various informations and make the phone perform several actions as well, just like the Android smartphone users.

Google Home

Talk about machine learning occupied a major part of the Google I/O 2017. Google Home comes as one of the best new generation speakers and the device has been improved to the next level as the US-based tech major showed demo of it. The device can now give visual response on the nearest connected screen. For instance, the user can ask to show the calendar or Google Keep document and the Google Home will show that on the nearest screen. It can also make phone calls according to the user’s order.

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