T-HR3 comes with advanced Torque Servo Module and Master Maneuvering System; promises safe and smooth remote operation

Toyota has unveiled its third generation humanoid robot T-HR3 that comes with advanced Torque Servo Module and Master Maneuvering System. This latest robotics platform has been designed and developed by Toyota’s Partner Robot Division. It promises safe and smooth remote operation and it will also explore new technologies for safely managing physical interactions between robots and their surroundings.

Toyota’s T-HR3 comes with advanced futuristic technologies that are promised to help the humans with better mobility solutions. As the Partner Robot Division claims, it is exploring the option to use the technology of T-HR3 to develop friendly and helpful robots that will coexist with humans and help them in various regular activities in daily lives. Not only in home, these technologies will help humans in various other sectors as well.

The T-HR3 is controlled from a Master Maneuvering System that monitors the entire system of the robot. It gets wearable controls that map hand, arm and foot movements of the robot. Also, there are head mounted displays allowing the user to see robot’s perspective.


The T-HR3 comes with Self-interference Prevention Technology that ensures the robot and its user won’t disrupt each other’s movements in any condition. The T-HR3’s onboard motors, reduction gears and torque sensors are connected with each other to function swiftly. Its Torque Servo Module has been developed in collaboration with Tamagawa Seiki Co. Ltd and Nidec Copal Electronics Corp. The Master Maneuvering System gets 16 master control systems for a smooth, synchronized user experience.

Overall, Toyota believes the T-HR3 will help the company to develop the robotics technology further. The Japanese company has been working on industrial robots since 1980s and it has advanced the technology to an unique level compared to the other companies around the world working in the same sector. The new T-HR3 is scheduled to appear at the upcoming International Robot Exhibition 2017 on 29th November.

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