The unique smartwatch comes with various sensors, low-power and e-paper like display; only to be used for observational and longitudinal health studies

Google’s sister company Verily, which was earlier known as the Google Life Science has developed an unique smartwatch, which is claimed to be even better than Google made smartwatches. But, this smartwatch is not what you thinking. You cannot purchase this in market, as it will be only used for observational and longitudinal health studies.

Yes, the new smartwatch has been developed to monitor health and help doctors with various data, which would eventually help the doctors to solve critical diseases. It appears specially designed to act as a medical tool. While most smartwatches come with an OLED display and boast range of sensors as well as various connectivity options, this smartwatch different from them.

This one surely comes equipped with several sensors, but they are specifically to collect health data. Also, it appears with low power and an e-paper like display. But, it does show time and date information like any regular smartwatch. But unlike the standard smartwatches, it doesn’t show phone information, feeds from social networks, map navigation or any other app data as well.


The verily designed smartwatch comes with a heart rate sensor. It keeps track of electrodermal activity and the data is stored in encrypted format for security purpose. These data are uploaded to Verily’s cloud servers, which can be accessed by doctor and medical professionals for further study.

Verily has not disclosed which processor powers the smartwatch, but it is surely enough powerful to process the gathered data in background. Also, the device gets generous amount of internal storage to prevent frequent syncing. Verily says, that the smartatch will receive new algorithm and interface update in future through OTA updates. Overall, the smartwatch is not complicated, but pretty simple and useful for the medical professionals to study the health data and it is expected to help the professionals vastly.

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