The Vinci headphones incorporate loads of features and technologies into one package; displayed at CES 2017

Ever thought about a headphone that comes with a bundle of functions and have an artificial intelligence system along with a touchscreen digital screen? Here comes the Vinci headphone showcased at the ShowStoppers, a small event accompanying the CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Besides providing you an impressive music listening experience, this device can listen to the user’s voice, track fitness, cancel outside noise and many perform many more functions as well.

In short, the Vinci headphone is an unique gadget that delivers bunch of services not expected from a headphone. The device comes as the result of very successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign that began in November last year. Apart from the range of functions, what makes the Vinci headphone attractive is the touchscreen.

The users can control the volume by just swiping finger on the touchscreen up or down. Swiping sideways will change the track. Also, the screen will show the user what he or she is listening. Though prototype displayed at CES doesn’t come with some of the above mentioned features, but the company claims the final product will be carrying all the mentioned functions.



Speaking about the performance, the Vinci headphone delivers decent sound. Also it comes lightweight despite being loaded with so many techs. It can play the music without being connected, thanks to the in-built storage capacity of 16 GB and 32 GB, depending on variants. Also, if the user wants to connect it to some source, that can be done wirelessly or through a regular jack as well.

The Vinci headphone will start shipping to the Kickstarter backers in March this year. The regular model with 16 GB storage capacity will be priced at $99, while the 32 GB Pro model will come available at $149. But, that’s for the Kickstarter investors only. The actual pricing for the headphones will be much higher.

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