Volkswagen sold 10.31 million cars across the world in 2016; beat Toyota’s four year streak despite Dieselgate

German auto manufacturer Volkswagen has beaten Japanese auto giant Toyota to become the biggest carmaker of 2016. Last year, the German brand sold 10.31 million cars across the globe despite the Dieselgate scam. Toyota on the other hand sold a total of 10.175 units of car across the world in 2016, which is significantly lower than the German brand’s sales record.

Speaking about the success, Volkswagen has said that 2016 was a tough period for the company. But it has managed to stabilize the sales around the world and earned the success to become the largest automaker of the globe. Volkswagen AG comprises several automakers like the Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Scania etc.

The automobile group has registered a 3.8% sales growth around the world, thanks to the increasing demand in Chinese market. Toyota group on the other hand has brands like Toyota, Daihatsu, Lexus and Hino Motors has registered 0.2% sales increase. The company has faced a slowdown in its sales in the US market.


Post Dieselgate, Volkswagen has faced declining sales figure in several countries alongside hefty penalty amounts and many lawsuits across the world. The company even changed its strategy to salvage its brand value. Now, the German brand focuses on environment friendly electric powertrains rather than standard combustion engines.

Among other automakers, General Motors is about to publish its annual sales report next week. But the American automobile group is expected to be below the German and the Japanese group. The US-based automaker was at the top spot in 2011, when Toyota’s production was severely hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan. In 2015, General Motors was the third largest automaker in the world after Toyota and Volkswagen.

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