The design of the Wahoo Elemny Bolt computer is claimed to be reducing air drag by over 50%

Wahoo has developed the Elemnt Bolt computer for the cyclists, which comes with an unique design to reduce the air drag for the cyclist and saves him or her precious time. Apart from that, the device displays the speed, power, heart rate and other data as well. As the company says, it saves the cyclist 12.6 second over 40 km. The device will be available for the customers at £199.99 on Wahoo’s website and via retailers.

A bike computer is certainly a very essential device for the cyclists racing or riding time trials. It is also vital for the majority of recreational riders as well. But the computer creates significant air drag of its own and therefore affects the cyclist’s performance by slowing him or her down. But Wahoo’s Elemnt Bolt comes with a design that reduces air drag by 50% compared to other devices.

The Elemnt Bolt shares it features with the genuine Elemnt computer launched in 2015. It comes with Wahoo’s Quicklook customizable range of LED indicators and Perfect View zoon function as well. The 2.2-inch digital display of the computer shows the informations. It can connect with smartphone or other devices via WiFi, Bluetooth and ANT+.


The rider can customise the data fields and page display of the Elemnt Bolt computer according to his or her preference by using the Wahoo’s companion app, which is available on both Android and iOS platforms. So far, the device only needs to be plugged in to recharge the battery, nothing else.

Wahoo has already tested the computer several times in real world conditions. The computer has been developed with inputs from aerodynamics expert Dimitris Katsanis. The device comes with full Strava integration, Strava Live segments, detailed navigation data along with text and phone alerts as well.

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