WristPC concept combines all computer functions; incorporates a 3.5-inch touchscreen display and a keyboard as well

WristPC concept is an unique device that combines a wristwatch, a wearable personal computer and a communication device as well. The concept device looks like a very stylish wristwatch with a 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD display and a keypad onto the side of the wristband.

The device can be worn like a wristwatch, and its digital screen can be positioned at different angels to make the screen face the user as per his or her need. With this the user can have a better view of the screen while SMSing or checking the GPS on the go and for various other reasons as well.

The WristPC concept device comes with a detachable wireless earpiece that can be easily moved out from the wristband and used for conference calls, watching videos or listening music on the move. If needed, the digital screen can be detached from the wristband as well.



Gamers will find the WristPC concept pretty comfortable as the wristband’s rubber feel material offers comfortable grip for the user. There are four buttons on the shell outside the fully functional display. Those buttons come with various functioning. During gaming, the user could use them as gaming console.

So far, the WristPC concept is capable to handle all the vital requirements of the user throughout the day. While generally it comes as an ultra stylish wristwatch, it offers connectivity, communication capability, entertainment and several different utility as well. It is not sure, when we are going to see the production model of this device. But, whenever the device comes to market, it will surely become one of the most innovative portable device of modern times.

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