Paytm Inbox lets the users chat, share photos and videos, recall messages and transfer money

Paytm has launched Inbox that is more than just a messaging platform. The Paytm Inbox lets the users chat with friends, share photos and videos just like other messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. What’s more interesting is that, this service lets the users send or receive money from or to the Paytm Wallet. Paytm has launched this service to take on the upcoming WhatsApp UPI payment feature.

Not only the above mentioned features. Paytm is also offering message recall and live location sharing service. This is something WhatsApp is also working on for quite some time. No wonder, Paytm users will be benefitted with this new feature as digital transaction has increased significantly in the country since last year and Paytm is playing a key role in that system.

The move comes well planned and well timed, as vehemently popular messaging platform WhatsApp is ready to roll out similar features soon. However, once WhatsApp launches the money transfer facility with UPI integration, it will have lot more edge over Paytm. But, launching the feature ahead of WhatsApp would help Paytm to lure some extra users in this period.


As Paytm says, it has realised that besides paying money using the Paytm Wallet, users and merchants also want to communicate with each other. The Paytm Inbox comes responding to that need that seamlessly blends commerce and social messaging perfectly.

Paytm Inbox is currently available for the Android users and iOS users will soon be able to download and use the feature in near future. All the interested users need to do to avail the service is to update the app and the Inbox option comes at the bottom of the navigation bar. Clicking on the new message option the users can send text, video or photos.

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